Angry Birds Go Telepods are Telepods that work in the game Angry Birds Go. All the Telepods have the main characters of Angry Birds attached to a go-cart. You can be able to race them and treat them like toy cars. The back wheels turn, but the front wheels don't. There are 21 Telepods.

Characters and Karts Edit

Each Telepod's name goes like this: "Character's Kart". There were at first 13, but the number of Telepods increased. All the Telepods are in Champion Chase order.

  1. Red's Super Roaster
  2. Stella's Soda Pop Sedan
  3. Bomb's Big Bang
  4. Bomb's Big Bang Special Edition
  5. The Blues' Tri-Toaster
  6. King Pig's Royal Rumbler
  7. Terence's Beep Beep
  8. Bubbles' Rapid Rider
  9. Matilda's Tub-Copter
  10. Foreman Pig's Green Baron
  11. Hal's Shoemerang
  12. Corporal Pig's Dragster Snout
  13. Chuck's Mega Rocket

Series 2 Edit

The Series 2 Telepods were revealed after the Sub Zero episode came out in Angry Birds Go. There are 8 of them, and 4 of them are from the Sub Zero episode.

14. Corporal Pig's Sty GT

15. Hal's Phoenix Star

16. Red's Air Guitar

17. The Blues' Trash Thrasher

18. Bomb's Snow Shoo

19. King Pig's Shred Sled

20. Chuck's Chuck Ice

21. Terence's Mr Plow

Sets Edit

This is a list of all the sets in the Angry Birds Go Telepods series. Each one has an exclusive Telexed, so you literally have to buy all of them in order to complete your collection.